Why Blu Cigs for Beginners and Halo Triton Tank for Advanced Users is the Best?

All e-cigs are not suitable for all types of users. The e-cig companies have introduced different electronic cigarettes for customers of different levels. You can find suitable kits for both the beginners and the advanced users in a single brand at different levels. Blu is appropriate for the newbies of e-cig smoking and the advanced level users will prefer Triton Tank of Halo, which will satisfy the needs of those customers in a better fashion. The following review will show why this is actually true.

Review of Blu Ecigs and Halo Triton Tank

Blu e-cig is a product that is very similar to the traditional cigarettes. Blu has got its starter kits at very accessible price too. This is why the newbies will find it convenient enough to start with. The users like to start with a cheap one to start e-cig vaping. It is like tasting the device to be sure whether it will be perfect for them or not.

Blu has pretty decent flavors which will satisfy the beginners fully. They have got different designs and services. You can choose your suitable one from a wide range of variety. The nicotine strengths are also customizable. Even you can select the zero nicotine strength to start with.

On the other hand, Halo’s best starter kit is Triton Tank which will be available with much more options to satisfy the hardcore smokers. Those who like to vape consistently and will like deep vape for long time need Halo Triton Tank. The price range is a little bit high.

Triton Tank holds much e-liquid and the battery will be much more powerful than others. This is why, unlike any other e-cig brands it provides long time vaping too. The top nicotine strength will be suitable enough for the advanced users.

The services that Triton Tank provides are much better than other companies in this similar price. It will be accessible in only $64.95. It has almost 25% Halo coupon codes service too. In case of Blu, all the products or accessories can be purchased at a 20% Blu coupon codes.

V2 vs Volcano: Which One to Take for a Long Trip?

As the familiarity and popularity of the e-cigs are increasing day by day, side by side the scope of its usages are also increasing at the same time. The users of e-cigs are now interested to use electronic cigarettes in a variety of aspects. Even they like to use it in their offices. Most importantly, for not having any side effects, it is usable in your workplace too. However, like these usages it is can also be used in a long trip too. It is very helpful for refreshing you. It reduces stress and will make you happy by providing your favorite flavor all the trip long.

Now the question is which electronic cigarettes are best for your usage at the time of trip. Which e-cig has the maximum facilities for trip-time usages? It actually depends on the accessories and features provided by that particular e-cig. Most often it is wise to have one which has a car charging facility. It will let you use the kit without any tension of recharging at the time of trip.

Moreover, it need to have the PCC or only carrying case. If you search for e-cig accessories then you will find that the lanyard facility is not available in all e-cigs. Lanyard helps a lot to keep your e-cig fixed to your pocket. It will save your e-cigs from being lost. On the other hand, the carrying case will be helpful in preserving your extra recharged battery and other cartomizers.

V2 is one of the best e-cigs in the market not only for usual use, but also for its official and long trip uses. This is actually possible for its extended features and facilities. V2 has got a very strong battery life, which will let you vape without any tension. No matter how deep you puff you can enjoy a whole day without recharging it. Moreover, it has got a nice carry case which is capable of carrying cartomizer, battery, and a car charger as well.

On the other hand, Volcano e-cig which is very effective from the side of its flavors. The e-liquid flavors will make the users satisfied even at any stressful condition too. This is why you can use it at the time of long trip. In addition, it has a car charging, USB charging and usual charging facility too. However, the car charger is so strong that it will be able to recharge the device within a short time.

At the time of long trip a lot of necessary things should be prepared to make the journey tension free. E-cig is now one of them. To select one from these two, you can think about the budget. If your budget is good enough then V2 will be perfect for you, otherwise go for Volcano in a convenient price with adequate features. Here are V2 cigs coupons 20off and Volcano cigs coupons 25off for you to use in your travel. have fun!

Ways For Vapers To Save More Money

savemoneyecigs Ways For Vapers To Save More Money

Do you know that by switching to electronic cigarettes you can already save as much as $2000? You’ve heard it right. Compare to $6 a day or $2200 a year smoking cost of an average smoker, you can only spend around $600 with E-cigarettes. This is because e-cigarettes are reusable and all you need to do is buy a starter kit and that can be use for a year or more. The only monthly vaping cost you need to focus are your E-liquids refill or replacement cartridges. And to convince you even more that switching to E-cigarettes can help you save money. We’ve make an effort of finding ways on how you can further save money with E-cigarettes. If you want to start spending less on your vaping here are my top recommendations.

Choose to go E-liquid
Choose to refill E-liquids rather than replacing cartridges all the time. We know that replacement cartridges are more convenient and it would be the best choice if you are a beginner. But if you’ve been vaping for a decent period of time, refilling your cartridges is pretty easy to do and it can save you ton of money. A replacement cartridge cost around $2 while an E-liquid refill cost around 60 cents per full cartridge. That’s more than 50% savings! Also, with E-liquids you can mix and match and even make your own E-liquids. Yes. If you are already a vaping expert, you can make your own E-liquids and further save money. When you make your own e-liquid you can get the cost down to .10 cents or less per milliliter. But that’s only for really advanced vapers.

Enter Sweepstakes and Giveaways
Many electronic cigarette brands as well as sites dedicated to E-cigarettes like this site VapeClick.com have sweepstakes, contests and giveaways from time to time. I strongly recommend that you enter as many of these as you can. It’s a great way to get some free E-cig stuffs. So watch out for them.

Store wide Sales
Electronic cigarette brands often have store wide sales and promotions. They usually do this depending on occasions such as New Year, Valentines Day, Thanksgiving and many more. Sometimes, they do it because they just want to. The best way to keep track of them is by subscribing to the mailing list of your all top E-cig brands so that they can inform you through email if a sale is happening.

Visit E-cig Deals Websites
There are a number of e-cig deals websites that list daily e-cig coupons to help you get instant discounts. Discounts can vary from 5% to 50% off. Deals come and go quickly so the frugal vaper must stay informed. Here are some of our favorite electronic cigarette coupons around http://www.vapor-codes.com/apollo-ecigs-coupon-code/ and http://www.cdcsupplychain.com/blu-cigs-coupon/ Enjoy!

Why Do Some People Hate Electronic Cigarettes

vapenow Why Do Some People Hate Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes is one of the most wonderful technological advancement of the decade. That is why we’ve build VapeClick.com in the first place, to give importance to it and to help people with any vaping questions. However, these past few days, we are hearing so many negative things about E-cigarettes. People are constantly making stuffs to pull the E-cig industry down and it is a mystery for us why.

Why do some people hate electronic cigarettes? They are definitely safer and healthier than smoking cigarettes because although trace amounts of carcinogens have been detected they are also found in comparable levels in FDA-approved smoking cessation products and up to 450 times lower than in tobacco cigarettes. There is no second hand smoking effect, no nasty smell, no smoke, no ash and no tar. So why oh why do some people hate E-cigarettes?

Fear Of The Unknown
First group of haters are those who fear change. For them E-cigarettes have not been in the market for too long and there’s not enough evidence that it is a better alternative to smoking. They are the ones who say that E-cigs may do more harm than traditional cigarettes, you dont know what’s in the E-liquid your vaping etc. The best way to approach these types of haters is to inform them. it’s not their fault anyway that they are uninformed about E-cigs. So inform them and answer their arguments such as E-cigarette prices are so high which is so not true. You can save as much as $2000 just by switching to electronic cigarettes and there are even sites like DealoMetry.com or Vapor-codes.com that offers e-cig coupon for you to get instant discounts in your E-cigarettes.

The Financial Fear
There are people who hate E-cigarettes because they are most likely to cripple their profits. In the same way as a McDonald’s shareholder would oppose the new burger which offered all the benefits of their food with significantly reduced side effects and more affordable, people with a stake in tobacco products or tobacco cessation products (nicotine patch, gum etc) inherently disgust e-cigs because they are competition. More and more surveys are proving that E-cigarettes are the most effective tobacco cessation products of all and that more and more smokers are switching to E-cigarettes and that’s why they hate it. As a vaper, you really cant do anything about these type of haters. They will realize later on that there’s no stopping the e-cig industry. Clearly recognizing their dwindling market and opting to protect themselves in any way they can, some big tobacco companies even started buying E-cig companies (Lorrilard bought Blu e cigs) or building their own e-cig brands. If you cant beat them, join them.

Ideological Hatred
The final, undeniable reason for the backlash against e-cigs is an ideological hatred of anything resembling a cigarette. Many people equates e-cigarettes to traditional cigarettes which is totally wrong. Hating something just because it looks like a cigarette is idiotic. They see e-cigarettes as a cunning new disguise for the tobacco industry, not something which can help save people from smoking-related diseases. It is best to inform these type of haters that E-cigarettes and traditional cigarettes are so different from each other.

It seems that there will always be opposition to nicotine products and harm reduction. The only thing e-cig enthusiasts and vapers can do is offer the rational, evidence-based perspective and hope that they listen.